• Street Gallery

    Truly public accessible art.

    Independent street artists flock around New York City. They find places to install an ever changing exhibit of publicly accessible art. The Highline. Union Square. Greenwich Village. West Broadway. Bedford Avenue. Any street corner can be a gallery.


    For decades NYC streets have been the start up location of artists who are looking for exposure, to meet every day expenses and to show the world what they can do.


    Many of the 1970's artists who created a constitutional first rights argument to allow us to sell on the street with only a sales tax license, still set up with us. Like sailors we brave the weather, the wind, and (of course) the pigeons, to bring you fine affordable art.


    Artists selling to the public in such a direct way is an opportunity for immediate dialogue and co-collaboration between the buyers and the creators. The studio is there on the street, tourists and locals get involved in the process developing work that is our subconscious echoes of now.

  • You make artists go pro.

    Your street is the museum

    Selling art on the streets at markets, fairs and exhibitions has been around since before Durher. For years New York City has a long list the greats on the street Kusama to Pollack to Basquiat, it is almost a rite of passage towards a career in the museums, collections and biennials of the future.


    NYC Street Gallery artists come out to sell you their best as you stroll the streets to your favorite New York City destinations.


    Check with your favorite artists if you are looking for them on the street this weekend or any other.


    Private showings are available by appointment in our studio or your lobby, office or space to check the fit of your piece before you adopt.



    Our store is under construction. Please see your favorite artist site for their work on sale








  • Look for us on the road.

    Shows. Shows. Shows...

    Art On A Plane

    We fly so you can buy.

    Art on Paper Miami.


    Baby, its cold outside in New York City, lets winter at Art Basel Miami.


    Come keep us off the streets this winter down on the Miami Beach.


    We've got VIP access for our super fans and big deals on our Kickstarter. Bigger pieces just like you asked for, new limited 25 piece editions and Legion Paper sponsors our first big fair.









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    The Crystal Ball Says

    I see travel in our future...

    2016 Tour


    Look for your favorite street artists hitting our favorite fan spots we love you... in San Francisco, Seattle, Texas and going big this Spring in with our largest show ever in our home town New York.


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  • Art for Everyone

    Accessible art for all

    A revolution in art for the people.